About Neosurf

What it is?

  • Neosurf is an Online Payment Voucher which are prepaid vouchers that can be purchased both online and in person . Using Online Payment Vouchers give you an alternative payment method to purchase products or services online without the identifying factors that come with using a credit card. OPVs are widely accepted at a variety of websites and make it convenient for you to pay and play online!

What are the benefits?

  • Simple secure way to pay and play online
  • Anonymous method of payment
  • As easy as cash
  • Integrates with the Neosurf Wallet
  • Check balance available - Click here to go to Balance Check

Where I can use it ?

  • Online Games like League of Legends, Habbo, Aeriagames, Traviangames, GoodGame Studios etc. Click here to view full list.
  • Online Payment Services like Neteller, MyNeosurf, Neoreload - to see the full list visit here.
  • Recharge Prepaid Cards Services - to see the full list visit here.

Neosurf SAS, a global payments company started working with TopMeUP as it went live in 2017 and has worked exclusively with its parent company Payment Source now for more than 5 years. Working with their teams, is a true partnership from all aspects of the business. TopMeUp has given Neosurf excellent exposure that we would not benefit from in a brick and mortar setting. Neosurf now reaching a new audience with more interest paying online from the comfort of their home or mobile. The numbers prove the success as Neosurf continues to see incredible growth in the Canadian market and most of the growth has to do with the online exposure for consumers looking for an easy and secure way to purchase Neosurf.

Matthew AhernManaging Director Neosurf Americas