About eGift Cards

What are eGift Cards?

eGift Cards are the electronic version of physical gift cards where you can purchase online in a convenient way to use it for yourself or gift to someone. eGift Cards are easy to purchase, impossible to lose and is perfect for any occasion.

What are the benefits?

  1. Easy to purchase
  2. Instant delivery - gift to anyone, anywhere, at any time
  3. Nearly impossible to lose (compared to a physical gift card)
  4. Perfect last minute gift
  5. Never expires
  6. Usable online and in store (see eGift Card for details)

Where I can use it ?

Visit our eGift Mall to see what brand of eGift Cards are available!

Dating back many years now, Blackhawk and Payment Source have enjoyed a great partnership, selling Physical Gift Cards through their Brick and Mortars. We have extended this partnership online and are proud to partner with Payment Source to offer Electronic Gift Cards through their new Online Channel TopMeUp. TopMeUp is a secure online service that offers alternative payment options for a variety of products and they are an authorized distributor powered by Blackhawk Network.